Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Alice and the Galactic Traveller - The Preview Edition

We here at everMany are pleased to announce our new game, a point-and-click adventure: "Alice and the Galactic Traveller."
After an accident leaves Alice separated from her parents, all she wants is to reunite with her family and... maybe cause some trouble along the way.

Only you can help best the Giant Vines and tame the hordes of Angry Quirl which stand in her way. Only you can unlock the secrets of the Ship's Heart, save the Ship's Hart, help Alice find her parents, and change the course of an entire galactic civilization.
Today we're releasing a "Preview Edition" which contains Chapter 2 of the full game.

The preview edition is our way to share a significant milestone, get some feedback, and generate some enthusiasm. We’re currently working on a way to raise funds and complete the full game.

Check it out on, and let us know what you think!